The Nemesis Effect

by Jules Marie

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Jules Marie - vocals, piano, accompanying instruments, and drums
Brandon Lee - bass, drums, guitar


released October 12, 2015

All songs written, and recorded by Jules Marie
Produced, mixed and mastered by Brandon Lee at Open Wounds Studios



all rights reserved


Jules Marie Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: Trying to Breathe
I'm frozen and bruised
it's too hard to move
I awoke in the grave what do I do?
I'm on my hands and knees and in pain from shivering
My eyes can't see a thing but the hardest part is
trying to breathe

What would I do without you?

My hands are raw from trying to crawl
I maybe make it an inch before I immediately fall
My wounds are deep, at least that's how it seems
I started bleeding but my blood's now freezing

It's silently mostly, except for God's laughing
My hands at my back surrendering what life I have
I cannot feel a thing except my soul's trying to leave
My body's gonna be exactly where I'm laying

What would I do without you?
(Breathe, breathe trying to breathe to breathe)
What would I do without you?

I'm too numb and too weak there's nothing left inside of me
I'd scream but I know it won't do anything
because nobody would hear me, nobody would hear me
I doubt if anyone's noticed that I'm missing

My mind is whispering my favorite memories
I give in, this is it. It's not how I imagined it
But what else could I do? Could I do?
I almost closed my eyes to sleep and then that is when I saw you

Breathing. I thought I'd stopped breathing
But that is when you found me laying
and barely moving, barely moving
Just seconds till the monsters show
flying up to heaven's not where I was gonna go
I was on my last breath, about to greet death
but your hands said no, your hands said no
Track Name: Rusty Knife
You think you are sly
I'm gonna paint a picture of your crimes
Thinking you are slick seeking pity
from a pain stricken, heart sickened mind

You're a rusty knife
And I'm not afraid to put up a fight
your intent is sick and pathetic
playing sympathetic victim in disguise

Well, I say lies, that's how you survive
preying on the weak, feasting on their sorry eyes
But I'm not blind your heart's paralyzed
synthetically convincing, conniving and malign
Your heart's paralyzed