Raised in Captivity

by Jules Marie

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released December 8, 2013

All songs written by Jules Marie
Produced, mixed and mastered by Brandon Lee at Open Wounds Studios



all rights reserved


Jules Marie Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: What I Want
My face is a mess. I know it's not the best
Crying in the bathroom having dinner with my friends
I didn't expect that certain topic
Of what we want more than anything
That's when I go off the deep end

Page after the page of writing out the rage
The "please oh, please"
and "why, oh why's this all must mean something"
I'm more than desperate, my outlook's just grown thin
Years of repetitive sentences "I'll never get this, I give in"

I'm sorry about the way this makes me behave
This is what I want more than anything
Track Name: Cave
I'm better off alone
Don't tell me what I know
I've got two words on my mind
Black and white
Now comes the denial

Burning bridges, turning pages
Entering these final stages

I'll be in the back of that cave
There's no lights, no sound, it's my stage.
It's a good thing, falling upward
Embraced by lemon thunder

Draped in veils of normalcy
Fled the scene without a warning
And hell is on it's way
At least that's what they say
I'll be the hardest one to save

Not enough stones to hide under
Won't be back till end of summer

I'll be in the back of that cave
There's no lights, no sound, it's my stage
Born and raised in hidden whispers
It's a long train to September, September, September
Track Name: Shadows
I can hear you in the shadows
Your laughter haunts the room
I thought your hands were my armour
And your voice could heal the wounds

(Go, go, go away)

Desperate for a sweet release from vessels claiming peace
Locks are useless cause' the cruelest always have a key
Track Name: Sleeping Underwater